People profile: Tactical Flight Officer

Interested in applying to work for the National Police Air Service? 

Hear from Mike on what it is like to work as a Tactical Flight Officer.

Mike is a Police Constable and is one of the NPAS crews covering the North West.

He describes his job, quite simply, as 'helping officers on the ground, targeting criminals, finding  vulnerable missing people and providing, all importantly, evidential footage for court proceedings and investigations'.

The job doesn't come without its challenges - poor weather resulting in challenging flying conditions and not having more aircraft to provide an even better service are just two frustrations - but Mike's motivation comes from knowing that the support he, and his crew mates, give to colleagues doing a really difficult job on the ground, helps to keep them, and the public, safer. 

"Teamwork is everything. From inside the aircraft, to back on the ground at our base, without working as a team we couldn't do the job and provide the service we do," said Mike. 

"We rely on each other, our training, our experience and our colleagues on the ground, to do the very best job we can, every time.

"The true value of air support cannot be quantified.

"The time, money and resources that air support truly saves far outweighs anything else. I know I always felt safer when I was back in my policing area and the helicopter was above us."

And his message to any ground-based colleagues who might be tempted to apply for a role in the National Police Air Service?

"Go for it!.

"It is one of the most difficult recruitment and training processes you will ever go through. But the rewards are more than worth it. Give us a call or email. We are always happy to have a chat to police colleagues about recruitment.

TFO Mike