Our regional bases

The National Police Air Service (NPAS) has a national network of bases across England and Wales.

In addition to the regional bases displayed on the map, NPAS also operates from a base at Lippitts Hill, Epping Forest, from which it provides a 24-hour air service for London, in support of the Metropolitan Police Service.

Our bases

NPAS Almondsbury
NPAS Barton
NPAS Benson
NPAS Birmingham
NPAS Bournemouth
NPAS Carr Gate
NPAS Exeter
NPAS Fixed Wing (currently based at Leeds Bradford Airport)
NPAS Hawarden
NPAS Husbands Bosworth
NPAS London
NPAS Newcastle
NPAS North Weald
NPAS Redhill 
NPAS St Athan

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NPAS Bases Map