National Police Air Service (NPAS)

NPAS Operations Centre

The National Police Air Service Operations Centre manages calls from all 43 police forces and other agencies across the UK and despatch the most suitable aircraft to each task, providing a very flexible response.

The Operations Centre operates 24hrs a day, year-round and receives around 65,000 requests for service by telephone or electronic message each year. These are processed by the team of experienced Flight Despatchers to ensure that the air support resources are allocated effectively and efficiently.

Whilst the aircraft are in flight, the team communicates with the crews by radio, and follows their progress on an electronic map. This provides continuous awareness of where each aircraft is and shows, at all times, the location of the most suitable aircraft. This enables a swift and flexible to developing police priorities.

Through local police forces, the Ops Centre is also able to provide assistance to partner organisations such as the Fire Service and British Transport Police, as well as liaising with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s Search and Rescue service.


For non-emergencies dial 101
In an emergency always dial 999