National Police Air Service (NPAS)

Governance Structure


It is essential that NPAS has robust governance arrangements in place. These arrangements are important to provide reassurance to our customers and the public that the service being delivered is fit for purpose and demonstrates value for money.  There are three main governance bodies for NPAS:

  • At the top sits the NPAS Strategic Board which is a comprised of a Chief Officer and Police and Crime Commissioner for each of the six NPAS regions, a representative of the Home Secretary and the National Business Area Lead for Police Aviation. The Board’s primary focus is to hold the lead force to account, agree the operational model for NPAS each year and for setting the budget from which the model must be delivered.
  • Underneath the Strategic Board sits the Independent Assurance Group (IAG). The IAG is comprised of a representative at Assistant Chief Constable level from each of the 6 NPAS regions and is responsible for reviewing the operational performance of the service. The IAG also promotes the sharing of best practice that is consistent across all 43 forces.
  • The third level of governance is within West Yorkshire Police. To support the NPAS Accountable Manager in making more routine decisions that affect the day to day running of the service, an internal Board has been established under the Chairmanship of the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner. The Board also addresses key risks and issues.

In addition to the above, the role of the CAA in overseeing the safe operation of NPAS should not be underestimated. We work closely with the CAA to ensure that our decision-making structure, accountability and overall governance arrangements are fully focused on ensuring a safe operation at all times.

NPAS Governance Structure Chart

NPAS Governance Structure Chart